Ivor MacKay • Hebridean Art

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painting with the light of the north



Most of Ivorʼs pictures are set in locations in the Hebrides, shown on the maps below.  (Pictures at sea are not shown, but you can see them here.)

Lewis & Harris

N L E W I S H A R R I S UIG PAIRC LOCHS NESS WEST SIDE BROAD BAY POINT GREAT BERNERA SCALPAY Atlantic Ocean The Minch Achmore (2 pictures) Ard Asaig (2 pictures) Arnol (3 pictures) Balallan (2 pictures) Baile an Truiseal and Shader (6 pictures) Barvas (2 pictures) Beirghe (4 pictures) Beinn aʼ Bhuine (6 pictures) Butt of Lewis, Eoropie & Stoth (34 pictures) Borve, Lewis (3 pictures) Bosta (6 pictures) Bragar (22 pictures) Breascleit (3 pictures) Bru (3 pictures) Bun Abhainn-eadar (2 pictures) Calanais (16 pictures) Carloway (4 pictures) Dalbeag & Dalmore (20 pictures) Galson (11 pictures) Garenin (5 pictures) Gress (6 pictures) Glen Tolsta (4 pictures) Horgabost (3 pictures) Huisinis (3 pictures) Kirkibost (2 pictures) Lemreway (4 pictures) Loch Seaforth (3 pictures) Luskentyre (16 pictures) Mangurstadh (5 pictures) Marbhig (2 pictures) Mealista (4 pictures) Miavaig (2 pictures) Northton and Surroundings (4 pictures) Niseabost and Seilbost (16 pictures) Port of Ness (12 pictures) Portnaguran (2 pictures) Rodel (3 pictures) Scadabay (2 pictures) Scalpay (6 pictures) Scarista (17 pictures) Shawbost (9 pictures) Stocanis (6 pictures) Swainbost (2 pictures) Stornoway & surrounding area (21 pictures) Tiumpan Head (3 pictures) Tolastadh & its beaches (41 pictures) Uig Bay (3 pictures) Urgha (2 pictures) Valtos (2 pictures) Vatisker and Coll (9 pictures) West Loch Tarbert (2 pictures) ‘Days of Summer’ ‘Dramatic Sky, Tong’ ‘Taking Peats Home in the Tractor’ ‘Airidhbhruach Snow Scene’ ‘Herding Sheep, Habost’ ‘Laxay in August’ ‘SY Marabelle, Miavaig’ ‘Reflections, Finsbay’ ‘Amhuinsuidhe Castle, Shades of Autumn’ ‘The Beautiful Village of Tolstachaolais’ ‘The Former MV Hebrides Arriving in Tarbert’ ‘Atlantic Vision’ ‘SY Columbine’ ‘The Ancient Boulder, Lingerbay’ ‘Tobson Beach’ ‘Ranish Panorama, North Lochs 1950s’ ‘Tong Beach Looking Over to Coll’ ‘Summer Days, the Lovely Village of Skigersta’ ‘Dell Beach’ ‘Sunset Over West Loch Tarbert’ Summer Days, the Lovely Village of Skigersta Summer Days, the Lovely Village of Skigersta