Ivor MacKay • Hebridean Art

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painting with the light of the north




Most of Ivorʼs pictures are set in locations in the Hebrides, shown on the maps below.  Also see the gallery of pictures in South and East Scotland.  (Pictures at sea, portraits and abstract pictures are not shown here.)

Lewis & Harris

N L E W I S H A R R I S UIG PAIRC LOCHS NESS WEST SIDE BROAD BAY POINT GREAT BERNERA BAYS SCARP SCALPAY SHIANTS TARANSAY Atlantic Ocean The Minch Arnol (5 pictures) Ballantrushal & Shader (8 pictures) Barvas (3 pictures) Borve (Lewis) (5 pictures) Bragar (28 pictures) Breasclete & Callanish (21 pictures) Brue (3 pictures) Carloway (7 pictures) Dalbeag & Dalmore (28 pictures) Galson (13 pictures) Garenin (8 pictures) Shawbost (12 pictures) Tolstachaolais (2 pictures) Vatisker & Coll (10 pictures) Upper Coll (8 pictures) Gress (13 pictures) Glen Tolsta (4 pictures) Tolsta & its beaches (51 pictures) Achmore (3 pictures) Arivruaich (3 pictures) Balallan (2 pictures) Beinn aʼ Bhuine (6 pictures) Cromore (2 pictures) Gravir (2 pictures) Lemreway (7 pictures) Loch Seaforth (5 pictures) Marvig (4 pictures) Orinsay (2 pictures) Ranish (3 pictures) Butt of Lewis, Eoropie & Stoth (46 pictures) Port of Ness (17 pictures) Skigersta (3 pictures) Swainbost (3 pictures) Bayble (7 pictures) Portnaguran (4 pictures) Tiumpan Head (3 pictures) The Braighe (2 pictures) Stornoway & environs (38 pictures) Berie (6 pictures) Valtos (7 pictures) Bosta (12 pictures) Uig Bay (5 pictures) Kirkibost (3 pictures) Mangersta (7 pictures) Mealista (6 pictures) Tobson (2 pictures) Amhuinnsuidhe (2 pictures) Ardasaig (2 pictures) Bunavoneadar (2 pictures) Eilean Glas (5 pictures) Hushinish (5 pictures) Scalpay (9 pictures) Tarbert (Harris) (5 pictures) Urgha (2 pictures) West Loch Tarbert (4 pictures) Horgabost (4 pictures) Luskentyre (19 pictures) Miavaig (4 pictures) Northton & environs (6 pictures) Niseabost & Seilbost (27 pictures) Rodel (3 pictures) Scadabay (2 pictures) Scarista (25 pictures) Stockinish (8 pictures) ‘Dramatic Sky, Tong’ ‘Taking Peats Home in the Tractor’ ‘Herding Sheep, Habost’ ‘Laxay in August’ ‘SY Marabelle, Miavaig’ ‘Reflections, Finsbay’ ‘Atlantic Vision’ ‘The Ancient Boulder, Lingerbay’ ‘Dell Beach’ ‘Aignish Church’ ‘Benside’ ‘Crossbost’ ‘Garrabost Snowscene, Over to the Braigh and Stornoway’ ‘Grosebay Peace’ ‘Islivig Phone Box’ ‘Keose Harbour’ ‘Linshader Cottage’ ‘Loch Leurbost Panoramic’ ‘Manish Panoramic’ ‘Rhenigadale’ ‘Bhalamus’ ‘Stemreway’ ‘Tavay Islands from Ranish’ ‘The Boy Andrew’ ‘The Broch’ ‘Isle Of Scarp, Looking to Cravadale’