Ivor MacKay • Hebridean Art

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painting with the light of the north



About the Artist

Ivor MacKay

Ivor Murray MacKay was born in Glasgow in 1969 of Lewis parents, who returned shortly afterwards to raise their family on the Island.  Following education in Lewis, Ivor attended Edinburgh College of Art, graduating with honours in drawing and painting in 1991.

In 1997 Ivor became a full-time professional artist, accepting commissions and also working part-time as an art therapist.

Ivor is inspired by the changing moods and rugged expanse of the Island in all its seasons.  The light in the Hebrides is unique and this is reflected in his work.

Most of his sold work has been landscapes and seascapes of Lewis and Harris, and the surrounding waters.  He has sold many works over the years and has paintings in many private collections worldwide.  He may paint over 50 works per year.

About the Pictures

Q: What’s the difference between a Painting, a Drawing, a Sketch and a Print?

A: The difference isn’t absolute, but paintings are generally done with paint or similar material applied with brushes, while drawings are done with sticks (or lumps) of the material itself, for example pencils, pastels, charcoal and so on.  Sketches are either paintings or drawings, done either as rough drafts for later works, or simply for the joy of it.  Sketches in this site are just sketchy enough to be called sketches.

Prints on the other hand are quite different — these are photographic prints made as reproductions of hand-made works.

Q: Do the differences matter?

A: You have to decide that for yourself.