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painting with the light of the north

  picture by Ivor MacKay

South Uist Blackhouse
acrylic on canvas, 12″ × 9½″
with 2″ frame (bronze)
print available

This blackhouse in South Uist appealed to me to put paint on canvas for one reason.  Slightly derelict from its rusty tin extension roof to the green slime on its once whitewashed walls, it had history.  The wheeliebin pointed toward recent habitation.  Who were the inhabitants and where were the ancestors now?  The two figures and a few sheep on the road add a sense of life.  The blackhouses in the Southern Isles were much smaller than those in Harris and Lewis, which were longer, livestock in one end, people in the other.  The road drifts off in the distance leaving the viewer to wonder where it ends.

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