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painting with the light of the north

  picture by Ivor MacKay

Atlantic Vision
Croir, Great Bernera
acrylic on board, 17½″ × 12″
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Croir is a little gem of a hidden village, often bypassed by those on their route to Bosta, on the Island of Bernera.  With only a handful of houses, you are greeted with a fantastic view of Little Bernera when reaching the road end.  On this particular day the beach on Little Bernera in the distance was alive with seals, basking in the sunshine.  I did not include them in the painting as they would have been just dots.  The boat outside the house tells of fishing trips out on the Atlantic.  Sitting on the rocky beach nothing disturbs you.  The waves lap on the foreshore; there is a sense of peace which we all need to find now and then.

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